At LMK Floors, we offer numerous professional services designed to preserve your flooring investments and make life easier. We are ready to serve your home!

Professional Floor Cleanings

Periodic professional floor cleaning is highly recommended to enhance your regular care and maintenance. In addition to helping you choose incredible flooring products, LMK Floors is ready to help you maintain them as well! A professional deep cleaning will help remove the dirt, grime, and particles that accumulate on our surfaces over time, as well as help remove germs and allergens more effectively for better air quality. When you feel that your flooring needs the luster restored, a professional cleaning can give your rooms new life and preserve the appearance of your floors for longer!

We offer carpet binding

If you are looking for soft surface solutions to work with a hard surface floorplan or fit a tricky floorplan, our carpet binding services can make it easier to bring your favorite styles home. Carpet binding is not only budget-friendly, but also allows for incredible customization, perfect sizing, and vast design capability. 

We offer hardwood restoration

When you invest in genuine hardwood planks, these durable floors can last for decades with impressive performance. To extend the life of your hardwood floors and restore their gorgeous appearance, LMK Floors can help you refinish your wood floors and ensure their warmth and tip-top condition. You can also explore hardwood restoration if you want to update the visual and achieve a new look without replacing the floors entirely. We're ready to return the life of your wood floors quickly and efficiently!

Free Estimate | LMK Floors

Get a free in-home estimate

Accuracy is everything when it comes to completing a new project as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our experts will provide you with a free in-home estimate to take precise measurements so you can budget accurately and plan ahead!

Financing Options | LMK Floors

Buy now, pay later

We know that many home projects represent significant investments for the average household. Our special financing helps you bring home products you love today and make budgeting for home improvements even easier. 

The ultimate flooring visualizer

With Roomvo, you can see our products in your home before you buy. Simply upload your photo to see your room come to life!

Roomvo | LMK Floors

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