Vinyl Installation

Offering tremendous ease of installation and flexibility, you will truly appreciate how quickly and successfully your new luxury vinyl floors go down!

Vinyl Installation

Our expert installation team at LMK Floors has years of experience to assist you with all of your vinyl installation needs. Learn more about our process today!

Vinyl Installation | LMK Floors

Before Your Vinyl Installation

Preparing for vinyl installation is incredibly easier than other flooring types. Since your luxury vinyl floors can be installed as a floating floor, you can decide whether you want to pull up the old flooring or not which can greatly reduce overall installation time.

Also, many luxury vinyl options feature an attached underlayment that aids in installation. Combined with the dimensional stability of vinyl as material, luxury vinyl doesn’t require the level subfloor that traditional tile, wood, or stone does, which saves time on subfloor prep. The vinyl planks or tile will need to be in the room receiving new flooring for 24-48hr in advance to become properly acclimated to the conditions.

During & After Your Vinyl Installation

Luxury vinyl is offered in glue-down and click-lock options and very few flooring products can offer the DIY capability that luxury vinyl flooring does. If you have DIY flooring experience and the tools necessary to complete installation, you can save on luxury vinyl installation costs. However, the waterproof and product warranties are contingent on proper adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions and LMK Floors is ready to complete your vinyl installation for peace of mind!

Vinyl installation is easy to follow along with each piece clicking into place, following the directional locking system. Installing vinyl floors displaces rooms for less time and your floors will be ready for use as soon as installation is complete.

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