Tile Installation

Tile installation is precise, and the details mean everything. 
Once successfully installed, your tile floors will impress all who see them!

Tile Installation

The team at LMK Floors is here to help with all of your tile installation needs. Learn more about the process today!

Tile Installation | LMK Floors

Before Your Tile Installation

Unless you have the proper tools such as a tile cutter and caulking guns, and sufficient tile installation skills, you will want licensed professionals to install your tile. Hiring professionals for the time saved and superior finished results is highly recommended over attempting a DIY tile installation.

Before tile installation, old flooring will need to be completely removed because tile cannot be put down over any existing surfaces. Tile requires a perfectly even subfloor, so there may need to be subfloor prep as well. Subfloor prep involves repairing any cracked, damaged, or uneven areas, and ensuring a perfectly level surface to work on.

During & After Your Tile Installation

Professional installers will know how to properly use grout, tile adhesive, filler, tile spacers, sanitary sealant, and tile trim. If you are using multiple tile sizes, or creative shapes such as hexagons, diamonds, circles, or ovals to create custom designs, your rooms will take longer to complete. Although custom layouts will take extra planning and time to install, the finished results will add upscale appeal.

The larger the tile format, the less time it will take to install the full tile floor. Post-installation, tile floors require sealing and the rooms receiving new floors may need paint touch-ups. Proper sealing will ensure better performance in moisture-prone areas and prevent water from seeping through to the home’s foundation. LMK Floors is ready to take on your new tile project today!

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