Carpet Installation

The big day is here and it's time to get excited... Carpet installation time.
And since you took all the proper prep steps, you can enjoy the process!

Carpet Installation

The LMK Floors installation experts are here to help guide you through all steps of your carpet installation. Learn more about the process today!

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Before Your Carpet Installation

To ensure that your carpet installation goes as smooth as possible, it is important to take steps beforehand that has your rooms ready. All furnishings will need to be removed, closets emptied, doors taken down, and trim removed from walls. 

Next, we need to address ripping up the old carpet or other flooring type, removing it entirely, and then disposing of it. Carpet requires a completely level subfloor prior to installation and we can help you assess any troublesome spots. Once subfloor prep is complete with any repairs if needed, carpet installation is ready to begin. 

During & After Your Carpet Installation

Your carpet will be installed by licensed professionals with either glue-down or stretch-in carpet installation. Stretch-in installation uses strips of wood with protruding angled nails secured to the edges of a room, attaching the carpet to the nails, and then stretching the carpet tight across the room. Your carpet installers will recommend the method that best suits your carpet style and household. 

After your carpet is installed, you can help resist against normal wear-and-tear with proper care. Preserve the life of your carpet with regular vacuuming with a proper vacuum model, periodic professional cleanings, and by properly following your manufacturer’s care guidelines to maintain your warranty. 

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