Laminate Care & Maintenance

With impressive durability and realism, laminate flooring is a great fit for the average family. Along with easy care guidelines, these floors help save time in your home!

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Daily Laminate Care & Maintenance

Attractive laminate flooring options will allow you to affordably capture striking wood and stone looks with enhanced moisture resistance and scratch protection. As a result, laminate floors are incredibly easy to maintain on a daily and weekly basis. Sweep regularly to remove tracked-in dirt, dust, and debris from the surface. Use a cloth and water to spot-treat as necessary and a pH-neutral cleaner if needed. Although laminate flooring offers more moisture resistance, verify that your laminate floors are warranted before you wet mop them. For greater protection on a daily basis, use rugs to minimize the impact of household activity and prevent wear-and-tear.

Dealing With Laminate Spills & Stains

Although laminate flooring provides more moisture resistance than genuine hardwood, it's always highly advised to clean up spills as soon as possible to prevent damage, dry any standing water, and avoid using wet mops to clean. Perfect for homes with kids and pets where frequent spills can occur, you can simply wipe up most spills on laminates when they happen and use a pH-neutral cleaner to remove dried spills. You do not need steam cleanings, a vacuum, brushes, steel wool, or ammonia cleaners: Use a soft nylon brush, a manufacturer-approved cleaner, and water to treat spots and stains.

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