Laminate Installation

With multiple installation options available, your new laminate floors will go down quickly and be ready to use immediately.

Laminate Installation

Laminate floors present potential DIY installation opportunities and the LMK Floors team is ready to assist your project at any time! 

Laminate Installation | LMK Floors

Before Your Laminate Installation

Many of today's laminate planks click together with locking systems and can often be installed over existing flooring, while other products are glue-down varieties. If your new laminate will be installed as a floating floor, you do not need to worry about pulling up the old flooring and disposing of it prior to installation! This feature saves time and money during your project.

If you want to install laminate flooring in rooms that experience moisture, we recommend purchasing quality underlayment if your laminate flooring does not feature attached padding. Along with better performance and extending the life of the floor, padding will prevent moisture that comes through the subfloor from causing the floor to warp or the growth of mildew. Your laminate planks will need to acclimate to the room conditions for 2-3 days before installation.

During & After Your Laminate Installation

Laminate offers greater DIY capability than hardwood, especially if you have prior DIY flooring experience and the tools necessary to complete installation. Having the saws necessary is very important since laminate planks will be harder to cut to size for tricker floorplans. If you are completing a DIY laminate installation, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions closely to maintain your product warranties.

You should plan and cut the first and last rows of your laminate floor and install the planks parallel to the longest wall or focal point in the room. Follow the directional locking system of the planks and take your time to make sure there are no gaps between the planks. Once your laminate floors are properly installed, it is recommended to wait 24 hours before walking on them to avoid damaging the installation and causing uneven areas.

Installing Laminate | LMK Floors

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