Hardwood Care & Maintenance

Genuine hardwood planks add incredible warmth and natural beauty in the home.
Proper care and maintenance will ensure their gorgeous appearance. 

Hardwood Care | LMK Floors

Daily Hardwood Care & Maintenance

Offering tremendous durability to your rooms, hardwood planks are a great investment to improve the value of your home. Removing as much loose dirt and debris particles will help prevent wear to the surface and protect your floors. Start by dust-mopping with a microfiber cloth or dust mop multiple times within a week. You can also use a vacuum but make sure to disengage any rotating brushes. If your engineered or waterproof hardwood floors are warranted for mopping, follow the manufacturer’s directions closely to preserve your warranty and use the least amount of water needed. If you want to refinish your hardwood floors down the line to remove scratching, fading, cupping, cracking, or discoloration, LMK Floors offers hardwood restoration to give your floors new life!

Dealing With Hardwood Spills & Stains

When spills do occur on your hardwood floors, you will need to clean up all liquid as promptly as possible to prevent adverse effects of moisture on the wood surface. If you need to use a cleaner to treat a spill on your hardwood, make sure to only use gentle cleaners that are certified for hardwood and not an alternate flooring type. When using any liquid scratch concealer, wood floor polish, floor wax, or touch-up kits, follow all instructions before using them to ensure the product is safe for your wood species and finish. Always try your hardwood cleaning product in an inconspicuous area before using it to clean a stain in a more visible section of the floor.

Hardwood Maintenance | LMK FLoors

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