Carpet Care & Maintenance

With regular maintenance and proper care, your carpet will remain gorgeous for years.
Here are some of our favorite ways to preserve your beautiful floors. 

Carpet care | LMK Floors

Daily Carpet Care & Maintenance

On a daily basis, caring for your carpet starts with removing as many particles from the surface as possible. Invest in the right vacuum cleaner that matches your carpet construction and vacuum your carpet regularly to prevent abrasion and wear. For homes with pets, it's wise to trim pet nails and claws to avoid snagging the carpet and creating scratches, brush pets regularly to reduce the amount of pet dander, and make sure to complete house-training before your pets can spend time on carpet. Also, use mats by all entranceways and have kids and guests remove their footwear by the door.

Dealing With Carpet Spills & Stains

When accidents occur in your home, it's always best to treat spills as promptly as possible with warm water to prevent permanent stains from forming and moisture absorption. Make sure to remove any solid material with a spoon, starting from the outside of the spill and working in. Next, blot the liquid stain with paper towels or a white towel, using warm water to remove the stain. If warm water does not remove the stain, always consult your carpet manufacturer’s guidelines to find a gentle approved cleaner that will maintain your product warranty. If a stain persists, call LMK Floors for a professional deep cleaning. 

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