Vinyl Care & Maintenance

With the fast pace of modern life, it helps to have easy-to-maintain floors in your home!
Vinyl flooring is a breeze to keep clean and becomes a valuable household time-saver. 

Vinyl Care | LMK Floors

Daily Vinyl Care & Maintenance

Since vinyl is a naturally waterproof material, luxury vinyl flooring is incredibly low maintenance and easy to care for. Simply complete daily or frequent sweeping with a soft bristle boom to remove dirt, dust, pet dander, and debris. You can use a sponge mop and water once a week to remove any spots or use a gentle a pH-neutral cleaner for spot treatment as needed. Unlike other hard surface options, you can deep clean your luxury vinyl flooring by wet mopping whenever you prefer! Consider using felt pads and rugs to minimize the impact of heavy furniture and household activity. That’s all.

Dealing With Vinyl Spills & Stains

Thanks once again to the waterproof quality of vinyl, stains have a harder time forming on vinyl floors! For this reason alone, vinyl floors are an excellent choice for busy homes with kids and pets where plenty of unpredictable moments will happen. When spills or pet accidents hit your floors, you can simply wipe up most spills and use a pH-neutral cleaner to remove dried spills if you don’t discover them right away. Luxury vinyl floors will save you money since you won’t need any steam cleanings, a vacuum, brushes, steel wool, or ammonia cleaners. Just use a soft nylon brush, a manufacturer-approved cleaner, and water to treat stains as needed.

Vinyl Treatment | LMK Floors

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