Area Rug Pads

Area rugs will serve your rooms with stellar style and performance, and the right area rug pads will make these valuable pieces even better. 

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Area Rug Pads

In an active home with kids and pets, constant motion can shift your area rugs from the position on the floor you prefer. Area rug pads help your favorite rugs to handle the activity while staying securely in place and helping to prevent surface wear over time. Area rug pads help cushion every step and protect your beautiful floors underneath from dents from dropped items.

Your specific rug styles and household conditions will help determine the qualities and thickness that you need in an area rug pad and LMK Floors will help you find the ideal product.

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General Rug Pads

At LMK Floors, we believe that a value price point area rug pad is better than no area rug pad! Adding an area rug pad will help prevent wear and help your rug age slower, as well as help prevent slips or movement of the rug under foot traffic. A small investment in an area rug pad will go a long way in preserving your rugs.

Premium Rug Pads

When you purchase a premium rug pad, you receive incredible benefits that can enhance your area rug experience. From antimicrobial properties to added comfort, premium area rug pads will make every step on your favorite rugs even dreamier. Also, premium rug pads come with greater warranties to ensure performance where you need it. 

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