Luxury vinyl flooring options present a world of opportunity in matching surfaces throughout the entire home and capturing your favorite visuals. 

Why should I choose vinyl flooring?

When you choose vinyl flooring, you get versatility that no other flooring option can offer. Resilient yet rigid and durable, luxury vinyl offers realistic texture and character along with waterproof protection and scratch resistance. Affordable to purchase and install, vinyl can be installed without adhesives, with floating capability, dimensional stability, and is suitable for every room. 


For greater peace of mind and confidence for our customers, LMK Floors offers luxury vinyl products from the top manufacturers in the flooring industry.

Vinyl Care | LMK Floors

Taking care of your new vinyl flooring

You will be amazed at how easy to maintain your new luxury vinyl floors will be: Along with regular sweeping and spot treatment when needed, the waterproof quality of vinyl allows you to mop your floors when you prefer!

Vinyl Installation | LMK Floors

Learn about vinyl installation

For quicker and more affordable installation, luxury vinyl offers multiple installation options that make the overall process even easier. Floating floor capability means that you don't have to rip up old flooring if you want to quickly refresh your home!

The ultimate flooring visualizer

With Roomvo, you can see our products in your home before you buy. Simply upload your photo to see your room come to life!

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